• These lodgings, entirely renovated, located on the Coast of the Legends, near the sea (3 kms), offer to you calms it campaign.
    Many activities await you in the vicinity(Beaches, Park of leisures, Char with veil, Kayak of sea, as well as superb footpaths all along the coast).

  • LEASURES : Sea – Beaches – Veil – Fishing (3 kms), Tennis – Bicycle (1 km), Horsemanship (2 kms), Swimming pool (10 kms)

    For any knowledge on PLOUNEOUR TREZ and its surroundings: Click here

  • UTILE : Train (25 kms), Food chop (2 kms)             PLAN3_web.jpg (33928 octets)

  • Geographic chart of Nothern Finistère  


                                Park of leisures  3 Km                                          Char with veil

parc.jpg (41104 octets)

env2.jpg (31472 octets) env4.jpg (43607 octets)

env3.jpg (41260 octets) env5.jpg (37053 octets)










                                                                Beaches, water sports, fishing...










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